Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 With A Bang! Robertson vs. Christianity?

Well, 2009 went fast! And updating the old Phlog wasn't possible with everything that was going on... helping clients through the economic wasteland, teaching future communications and marketing professionals how to think strategically, taking care of family and pet, and trying to keep the financial wheels on the track for a small Lutheran congregation.

But excuses aside! We're in 2010 and I still have some of the same obligations. However, a discussion about Pat Robertson's comments on the earthquake that devastated Haiti took place at our church this morning and gave me good reason to sharpen up my "pencil" and blog.

Pat Robertson does not speak for the entire Christian church on earth! As a Christian, I resent what he said about "God's punishment of Haiti" and I'm sure there are a majority of Christians out there who feel the same. In fact, I found one comment on the New York Times web site that said what I feel. God is really at work in the charity of nations, organizations and people who are contributing to the relief efforts to help the people of Haiti.

God is also at work in the miracles that have taken place there. I have a friend who has family in Haiti. He reported the other day that the members of his family who are still on the island were safe, pulled from the rubble alive, and who thanked God for it. He believes that this is a miracle. So do I. His entire U.S. family has been praying since the earthquake hit, and they believe in the power of prayer and point to this "miracle" as proof.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that a new-born child, just 15 days old, was pulled from the rubble alive, having survived "nearly half her life without food or water amid the ruins." (Wall St. Journal, January 20, 2010, 1:41 p.m.; by Christopher Rhoads & Michael M. Phillips;

What a miracle!

These "miracles" are evidence of God at work in a world that men have messed up!

Pat Robertson... well, God bless him; maybe some day he'll learn that the Christian God is a God of mercy. That's what makes the Christian God different from all others.