Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Media: The Next Wave of Marketing

Does you have a website, a Facebook page or MySpace presence for your business? If so, who updates the information and how often? If the answers are "Me" and "When I can get to it", we need to get together. I can help you to fully understand your marketing and business objectives before launching off into this apparently vast space.

Sarah Greer here, the new Social Media Queen Bee of Imagery Marketing. Social media first showed up on my computer screen MySpace hit the scene. While in college, Facebook became my connection with other classmates. With the invention of smart phones, social media usage has become even more popular and necessary. Never did I imagine that social media would have evolved as much as it has. Connecting with friends in Europe? No problem! No long distance calls and no high fees, thanks to those "electronic leashes". Everything that can be done with a desktop or laptop computer, I can accomplish the same (and more with the "apps") with my phone.

With the instant ability to deliver information using social networking sites like Facebook (400 million +), Twitter (95 million) and LinkedIn (50 million members worldwide), your business must consider social media in your marketing mix.

A recent Small Business Trends article shared some pretty surprising statistics about how small business owners view social media. In the article, it cited a report that said 47% of small business owners don’t think their customers use social media and 24% didn’t think their customers research online before finding them.

Based on these numbers, it’s pretty clear that many small businesses are in denial about the power of social media and mobile marketing, despite how mainstream it has become. And, even if small business owners are willing to admit that social media is a viable marketing channel, they are still reluctant to dive in.

Here are 10 compelling reasons for you to use social media to help grow your business:
1. Own your brand’s social presence
2. You look like you “get it”
3. Brand recognition
4. Take your message directly to consumers
5. Brand monitoring
6. Generate site traffic
7. Find new customers through your friends.
8. Find new customers through your company profile
9. Niche marketing
10. Sarah Greer, Social Media Queen Bee

Using social media to its maximum advantage, you can market your products or build your brand. As a business owner, if you have not jumped on the social media wave, you are missing out on so many opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Contact me.