Friday, May 27, 2011

Is Your Facebook Account Protected?

As a business owner, you may have noticed the new social media trend: online communities that allow individuals and businesses to connect – any time, any place. Smart phone and iPads have instantly open a world of knowledge, resources (and distractions) to users. These users are also consumers and you should be marketing to this captive audience. Your competitors are.

Facebook, the largest and fastest growing social media site, has over 600 million users. User protection is high on its list. If you have a Facebook business account, how do you protect it?

When using Facebook, here are few safeguards I recommend to protect your business account:
1. Check your privacy settings
Who are you allowing to “like” your page?
Are you allowing anyone to post on your page?
Have you customized your profile settings?
Who can post comments, pictures or videos to your page?
What is your profanity setting?

2. Is your browser secure?
Hackers and predators can steal information about your clients and followers
Wi-Fi – public hotspots are convenient, but ripe for data snatching

3. Sign-up for Facebook notifications
Track new friend requests and “likes”
See log-in sources - home, office, business or friend's computers, smart phone or other digital communication devices

4. Control Facebook apps
When you agree to an app, you are also allowing the app to access all of your business and/or personal Facebook information

Assuring new clients that there are ways to protect their business and their Facebook friends is the first step I take as a social media marketer. You, too, can eliminate any possibility of making a mistake as your launch your business into the world of social media.

Whether it's regular updates, monitoring, monthly page traffic reports, linking and syncing your other social sites, I'll use my knowledge and expertise to help you and your business implement safeguards to connect to the consumers you want to reach in cyberspace.

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Sarah aka Queen B. of Social Media

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