Friday, June 24, 2011

Business and Social Media

While everyone is getting on the bandwagon with social media for their company, there are things your company should consider. What Bill in accounting thinks is an innocent tweet could be a PR disaster for Frank, the CEO. Follow these simple rules for establishing a social media policy for your company to eliminate the chances of problems:

1. What goals are you trying to reach by using social media?
2. What specific audience are you trying to reach?
3. Make sure you hold to what your company believes and what the values are.
4. Who is the spokesperson for your company and what role do the other employees play in your social media experience? Who is going to monitor and maintain your sites?
5. Make sure there are specific guidelines for each social networking site, as each are different.
6. Separate personal from business, you don’t want your personal insights to be misconstrued as a representation of your company.

Make sure you put a working policy in place today for your company’s protection. If you haven’t started using social media as a way to market and promote your business, you should! Contact me for all your social marketing needs.

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